RSS Reader Xoonity

If you could read internet like a book…

New generation of RSS Reader, Blog Reader, Aggregator, a single app for your news, breaking news, RSS feed, podcasts and youtube channels.

Tired of reading? The app reads for you!

Main features :
– Text to speech: read out loud feature
– Readability
– Slide Show with voice reading, listen all your articles
– Adaptive/thumbnail/compact views
– Google News support
– Swipe right to save article
– Swipe left to hide article
– Quick search on all of your RSS feeds, blog
– Collection management
– Starter guide to help you select feed, blog
– Top news: don’t miss breaking news and popular news.
– Browse sources easily, choose what you want to follow, add sources to your collection. Enter a domain name and the app finds the RSS feed (eg,
– Read all your sources, save them, like them, share them
– Share on facebook, twitter, linkedin and other social networks
– Import your OPML file (import feed from other readers like Feedly)
– Notifications on breaking news

At Xoonity,we’re always on the watch, reading news on websites, blogs, RSS feeds and other information sources on the Internet. As we couldn’t find a RSS reader for smartphones that addressed our needs, we created our own RSS reader. The aim is to provide users with a free reader that includes wide-ranging features and recognized information sources. Thus we constantly update our apps with additional features. Xoonity RSS reader was designed and developed by avid readers of websites, so if you too are a reader, please download our app, use it and rate it.

Make your own magazine, choose what you read, don’t miss breaking news.

Example of use:
– you want to follow all the news on politics, go to browse/add source, search “politics”, choose your favorite sources about politics. Navigate to “your news” and read all your politics feeds.
– you want to follow all the news on Nascar, go to browse/add source, search “Nascar”, choose your favorite sources about Nascar. Navigate to “your news” and read all your nascar feeds.
– Feedly User: Export your feeds from feedly to an OPML File, import your OPML file in Xoonity Reader

Help us to improve the app, contact us at . If you need support, report a bug or submit a request to improve our RSS Reader.

The best way to stay informed with your smartphone/tablet, don’t miss breaking news.

help us to build the best news Reader, RSS Reader, Blog Reader, Aggregator, an alternativ to Pulse and Feedly.

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Xoonity RSS Reader doesn’t only show you your content, but it’ll also keep you updated on breaking news and what’s currently popular, offering some dynamic to your daily digest! If you don’t like what you see, it’s easy to swipe an article away, as well as vice versa. If you find something you love, save it to take another look at later. Xoonity is free, and a must-have for anyone who likes to stay ahead of the game.

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