Line Puzzles

Connect matching dots with lines to fill the board. Fast and challenging lines game.

You can play it now! Try it for free. A lines game

How to play
• Pair up all the matching dots with lines, Connect matching dots
• All the cells in the grid need to be filled with lines
• Lines can not cross each other

• Mission with more than 2000 levels, Mission Puzzles
• Time Trial with unlimited levels, Time Trial Puzzles
• Choose the board size
• 3 free hints
• Free Puzzles Game
• Clean graphics
• Fun sound effects
• Music from Kevin MacLeod
• Each line has a different color
• Draw the line with your finger
• Play on phones or tablets

A simple logic puzzle, brain teasers. Build your brain! Tease your brain! Draw the line with your finger.

Free Puzzles, Draw a line between matching dots. Create your flow with each line.

Build your brain! Tease your brain! Resolve Puzzles!

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